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    Time to put industry at the heart of the Energy Union

    If EU lawmakers want to champion a clean energy revolution truly, the role of Europe’s manufacturing industry as an energy producer and consumer will be a key success factor, said Cefic, reacting to Vice-President...

    MPs Call on Government to Support Solutions to Make Better Use of Leftover Paint

    A recent debate in parliament saw MPs discussing how to create a circular economy for leftover decorative paint in the UK.Sponsored by Angela Smith Mp, the debate focused on the British Coatings Federation’s (BCF)...

    Conserving Resources With Integrated Paint Process

    The BMW Group is saving 12,000 tonnes of co2 annually during automotive production at its Munich plant by eliminating one step from the paint process.Compared to a conventionally coated vehicle, a car coated with...

    Radiometer aids process control in broad spectrum or LED-based UV curing

    The new DYMAX ACCU-CAL™ 160 Radiometer from Intertronics is an essential tool for users of UV curing processes, where both validating and subsequent monitoring of the lamp output is vital to consistent production quality....
    Ecodesign Award

    Cool Coatings Cut Car Costs and Scoop Award

    BASF’s coatings division has won the German Federal Ecodesign Award for its Cool Coatings automotive coating technology.Cool Coatings reflect infrared light and, in so doing, reduce the temperature on the automotive surface and interior....

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