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    Ecodesign Award

    Cool Coatings Cut Car Costs and Scoop Award

    BASF’s coatings division has won the German Federal Ecodesign Award for its Cool Coatings automotive coating technology.Cool Coatings reflect infrared light and, in so doing, reduce the temperature on the automotive surface and interior....
    konica minolta spectrophotometers

    Collaboration Speeds Up Colour Matching of Polyolefin Products for Global Consistency

    Clariant has developed a calibration database of its PV Fast and Graphtol pigments that can easily be integrated into matchmycolor’s colibri software and used together with the premium grade portable and bench-top spectrophotometers from...
    Chain Rusty

    Hybrid Coating Enhances Corrosion Protection

    Researchers in India have designed epoxy-silane hybrid coatings to investigate their anti-corrosion performance and adhesion on galvanised steel.Silanes with alkoxy group, epoxy group, amine group and thiol group were chosen to understand the role...
    Signing Facility Nanjing

    Axalta Invests in Manufacturing and Logistics Centre for Coatings in China

    Axalta Coating Systems are to construct a manufacturing plant for high-performance automobile, commercial vehicle and industrial coatings in Nanjing, China.The facility will be built on more than 170,000sq m of land located at Nanjing's...
    Oman Factory

    Jotun Inaugurates New Factory in Oman

    Jotun Paints’ newly inaugurated factory in Oman has a production capacity of 50 million litres of paint per year and is equipped to fulfil market needs for the next 15 to 20 years.The state-of-the-art,...

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